Welcome to Rainbow Electronics

Rainbow Electronics is one of the India's Leading Fire and safety electronics Control Panel manufacturer. Our products are Fire Alarm Control Panels, Gas Release Control Panels, Annunciator Panels, Deluge Valve Control Panels, Public address Systems, Custom Build Embedded Control Panels and others. Building on over 20 years experience, Rainbow Electronics provides exceptional manufacturing and supply chain services, allowing its customers to focus on their core business activities like marketing and business development. We are delighted to have satisfied customer base throughout the country by offering them what exactly they demand for.

Single Resource Value Added

Rainbow Electronics growing array of electronic manufacturing services is linked directly with the needs of our customers for strategic partnerships. Partnerships that provide a single resource for value added comprehensive services with the highest quality and competitive pricing.

Increased Capacity/New Technologies

Rainbow Electronics is increasing capacity and adding new high technology capabilities as a long-term partner with our customers.

Commitment to Quality

At Rainbow Electronics, we understand that if a product does not live up to quality standards, cost savings and fast turnaround are irrelevant.

Rainbow Electronics provides a single source for comprehensive manufacturing and assembly, world class quality and worldwide component sourcing. The company is committed to assuring the highest level of customer satisfaction by delivering quality electronic manufacturing products and services, on time at competitive prices.

Your one-stop resource for complete electronic manufacturing services

As more original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) reduce the size of their vendor base, they are looking for a strategic electronic manufacturing partner. Our experianced organization helps OEM's get products to market with the value and quality needed at the right place and time.

Environmental Policies

At Rainbow Electronics, respect for the environment is one of our core values, and we are committed to its protection. This commitment guides many of our day-to-day business decisions, through policies and procedures that ensure those protections, while preventing contamination of our customer's products. Our Environmental Management Procedure details proper collection and disposal of process waste, and explains our stringent cleaning requirements. We maintain continuous compliance with all current and anticipated environmental legislation and regulations.

Experience & Expertise

Rainbow Electronics's seasoned Management Team has decades of high-tech manufacturing and senior-level leadership experience from several top Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three contract manufacturers. Their collective experience allows us to provide our customers with innovative, effective, and proven solutions.

All of our team members are continuously growing their expertise and experience through ongoing, on-the-job educational and training programs.